Crossover Subs for Midland, Odessa, and Houston, TX 

At Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc., we are proud to offer a selection of crossover subs for your oil or gas business. Crossover subs are required for oil rig drill strings and help in connecting one crossover size to the other. They are used as the disposable components for extending the connection of an expensive drill stem member.

Crossover subs feature a side port or an inline port for proper circulation of the oil or gas. We will have the connections cut according to the certifications and ground gauges. The crossover subs are machined from heat-treated alloy to ensure durability and strength. In addition to supplying crossover drill subs, we also carry a variety of float subs. These float subs can help prevent backflow within the drill, all while providing fluid control through the ID of the drill string. Contact our team today to learn more about our selection of crossover drill subs or float subs! We are proud to serve clients throughout Odessa, Midland, and Houston, TX.