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In order to maximize your production capabilities, it’s imperative that you safeguard your equipment against harsh exterior factors. These days, most oilfield operations place great strain on their implements. Thankfully, the qualified team at Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc. is constantly standing by to administer the latest in modern hardbanding services. Our proven hardbanding process has been engineered to add a wear-resistant alloy to the susceptible tool joints of your drill pipes and drill collars. This way, you will achieve prolonged performance out of your drill string. Have no doubt, our hardbanding services represent one of the most cost-effective methods to protect the tool joints involved in your drilling applications.

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At Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc., we are proud to assist professional oil and gas companies throughout the Houston, Midland, and Odessa, TX communities with industry leading duraband hardbanding solutions. We understand that today’s oilfield operations require innovative support at a competitive rate, so we’re constantly expanding our suite of services to suit the evolving needs of our local clientele.

If you’re ready to extend the lifespan of your oilfield implements and reduce your overall operational costs, please feel free to contact one of the certified representatives at Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc. to access our industry-leading hardbanding services. When it comes to applying heavy metal bands to your drill collars, pipe, pup joints, and other downhole fishing tools, nobody does it better than our qualified technicians. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your drilling components with a professional duraband hardbanding solution.

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