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Here at W74 Oil Tools, we also do more than manufacture and sell new tools. Our fully equipped carbide and machine shop can repair and refurbish your tools, quickly and expertly. To keep your tools working efficiently in the field and producing income throughout the year, bring them to W74 Oil Tools. When you need the right tool, right now, give us a call! We feature a variety of products, such as pup joints, washover shoes, float subs, junk mills, overshot extensions & more. To learn more about our extensive list of products, please feel free to contact our team or browse our selection below. We're proud to serve and support companies throughout Odessa, Midland, Houston, TX; and Oklahoma City, OK.

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We specialize in making existing tools work harder and longer by dressing them with tungsten carbide. A mill, a drill, or a bit with tungsten carbide cutting surfaces can easily slice through rock, concrete, metal, and composites — pretty much anything short of a diamond deposit.

No, we’re not the only fishing tool company around that can apply tungsten carbide. But we have been doing it for over 30 years, which has allowed us the pleasure of seeing thousands of unique carbide dressing applications. From the smallest mill on your shelf to the largest mill on your shop floor, we can dress it the right way, every time.

Our Products

• Bit Subs
• Casing Swages
• Crossover Bushings
• Crossover Subs
• Drifts
• Drill Collars
• Float Subs
• Impression Blocks
• Junk Baskets
• Junk Mills
• Lift Nubbins
• Lift Subs
• Overshots
• Pump-In Subs
• Pup Joints
• Ring Gauges
• Saver Subs
• Shoe Stock
• Spears
• Stabilizer Mills
• String Mills
• Taper Taps
• Tapered Mills
• Tool Baskets
• Tool Racks
• Top Drive Subs
• Top Subs
• Wash Pipe Joints