A New Company Built On A Family Tradition Of Service

Experience. Tradition. Family. Dedication. If these words resonate with you, then you’ll like doing business with Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc.. You see, while the name may be new, we’ve got roots deep in the oil patch.

We can look back over half a century, to 1959, when E.J. Thompson first learned the demanding skill of applying tungsten carbide to drilling tools. In 1964, E.J. opened his own shop, which he operated successfully until 1971, when he decided to retire to his farm in East Texas. But he wasn’t done yet.

In 1976 came a call from his son Marcus, hard at work in a little shack in Hobbs, NM. Trying to learn the tungsten carbide business. Trying to follow in his daddy's footsteps. He needed help. So at age 74, E.J. came out of retirement to help his son establish his business. After three years, with Marcus’s business well-established, E.J. returned to his farm.

In 1994, the third generation arrived when Michael, son of Marcus, joined his dad’s team. Despite a rough start, due to downturns in the oil business, Marcus and Michael together grew M.P Thompson into one of the largest and most trusted tungsten-carbide providers in the oil and gas industry today.

Then it was Michael’s turn to carve his own notch. In 2005, he started Final Cut Machine, as an extension of M.P. Thompson – to provide the standard drilling tools and qualified machine shop services their customers so urgently needed.

Now, that venture has evolved into Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc., dedicated to the downhole fishing tool business. Built on a family tradition of excellence, and a long history of service, today our company is proud to serve oil and gas producers throughout Odessa, TX; Midland, TX; Houston, TX; and the surrounding areas.

With our rapid growth amongst our divisions, in 2024 we rebranded each of those divisions to focus on what each one does best. Pesca Tools (manufacturing), Thompson Tubular (tubing & drill pipe repair and service/inspection), W74 Services (manual machining/kutrite carbide welding).