Washover Shoes for Midland, Odessa, & Houston, TX

Washover shoes are essential to fishing operations because they are a downhole tool that prepare the top and outside surface of a fish. Working on clean out and removal operations means that you need quality washover shoes. Although an extensive variety of styles and sizes are available, generally washover shoes are designed and manufactured to suit specific applications. In addition to flat, scalloped or castellated-bottomed washover shoes, bespoke designs are produced to suit specific applications.

At Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc., we provide an array of washover shoes that suit and cater to your needs. Stop by our locations in Odessa, TX or contact us to learn more about our washover shoes inventory!

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Thompson & Thompson Group, Inc. is proud to provide a wide variety of downhole fishing tools and washover shoes to oil and gas companies throughout Odessa, Midland, Houston, TX, and beyond. When you need washover shoes, come to us. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the correct washover shoe variation for your operation. Contact us today for more information about our selection of washover shoes or other products!